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Version: 0.3.x



For all iconset, it's extending from Component<IconBaseProps> and inherit from SVGAttributes<SVGSVGElement> for react or SVGProps for react-native provided by react-native-svg.

idstringNo0.1.20The element id for render
namestringNo0.1.20Icon name from the iconset. Optional if passing content property for rendering svg content directly
variantstringNo0.1.20Variant from the iconset. In general, it will be default variant from that iconset or 'regular'.
colorstringNo0.1.20The current color of the icon. It won't be effective if the iconset's colorize is false .
sizestring | numberNo0.1.20The sizing of the icon.
fontSizestring | numberNo0.1.20The sizing of the icon. If fontSize give, it will override size values.
contentIconVariant | IconSVGNo0.2.0The stroke size of the icon.

Icon component

If you import Icon component from @svgr-iconkit/core, it will provide additional properties from IconsetBaseProps for specified rendering.

contentIconSVG | Record<string, IconSVG>No0.1.20The dataset for rendering SVG Icon by custom iconset.

Svg content

All svg content are exported as javascript object (JSON) and formatted as IconSVG typescript type.


namestringYes0.1.20Icon name
widthnumberNo0.1.20Viewbox width
heightnumberNo0.1.20Viewbox height
attrsRecord<string, any>No0.1.20Original svg file attributes
dataIconSVGNode[]Yes0.1.20Array of the svg content


tagNamestringYes0.1.20Svg tag name
attrsRecord<string, any>No0.1.20Original svg node attributes
childrenIconSVGNode[]No0.1.20Children of the svg node