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Version: 0.2.x

Icon component properties

For all iconset, it provide below properties:

namestringYes0.1.20Icon name from the iconset
variantstringNo0.1.20Variant from the iconset. In general, it will be 'regular' or default variant from that iconset.
colorstringNo0.1.20The current color of the icon. It won't be effective if the iconset's colorize is false .
sizestring, numberNo0.1.20The sizing of the icon.
fontSizestring, numberNo0.1.20The sizing of the icon. If fontSize give, it will override size values.

For core Icon component, it provide below extra properties:

colorizebooleanNo0.2.0Given true to enable colorize context to icon.
contentIconSVGNo0.1.20The dataset for rendering SVG Icon.